The Opportunity:

Consumers want products that meet the loftier goals of environment, well-being and fair trade

As the world rebuilds its agricultural and food supply chain from the unprecedented stress of the 2020 pandemic and its inflationary aftermath, there is an increased demand from consumers for a reduced environmental footprint, improved nutritional values, and the traceability of production.

Growers globally are aware of highly lucrative opportunities such as carbon markets, ecosystem service credits, and regenerative agriculture, but do not have the tools or guidance on how to take advantage of these opportunities, but they do know that without maintaining good documentation on their production practices, they will never be able to participate in these emerging opportunities

The Problem:

Digitizing farm operational data is considered low-return on management time

The kinds of data needed to participate in the new markets (e.g. keeping notes on fertilizer application rates) is well beyond what growers are typically used to documenting. This data needs to be captured in near real time and in a way that is suitable for automated data analysis.

Some of this data can be acquired automatically from equipment (e.g. drones) and sensors (i.e. IoT)

A grower puts a very high value on the time spent in farm management. Adding a burden for increased documentation must be justified with a strong return on their time investment

The Solution: LabCore

LabCore is a multi-user, geospatially-aware information management system with:

  1. Visualize and analyze GIS data
  2. Capture rich data directly on a production asset
  3. GLP-capable laboratory information storage
  4. Mobile app SDK
  5. Scalable and flexible

Producers benefit from centralized, yet private data organization

  1. Keep any kind of data organized by Farm / Field / Barn
  2. Benefit from structured data capture - a novel and industry-leading way to simplify data capture
  3. Collaborate with trusted consultants who can provide management and tech support for data capture and reporting
  4. Work within a framework to capture data usable for carbon credit or environmental services registration

LabCore Clients manage > 1M acres

LabCore’s clients provide a wide range of agricultural and environmental services to their producer clients, such as:

  1. Soil and environmental sampling and analytical testing services
  2. Fertilizer recommendation and precision agriculture agronomy services
  3. Risk analysis support for agri-finance and crop insurance rating development
  4. Regenerative and conservation agriculture practices
  5. Field trial and R&D support for microbials and other products

LabCore improves the efficiency of processing work orders for agriculture and environmental service providers

LabCore features a full-featured Work Order system which provides

  1. Setup of Products and Services along with setting up Packages
  2. Establish pricing for products and packages, with discounts for dealers
  3. A Shopping Cart-like interface to create Work Orders
  4. Work Order Status modeling tool that illuminates the state of every work order in the system
  5. Generation of PDF documents such as Work Order forms or invoices
  6. Integration with Stripe e-commerce platform to process payments

Simplified User Onboarding

LabCore provides a lot of value without required a lot of data from the user, but it can scale to 10 million fields also

Field locations and boundaries can be added by simply drawing them in, or by bulk uploading them from shapefiles, KMLs, GeoJSONs or other formats

Draw in Field Boundaries, or upload shapefiles

Immediately visualize dozens of soil and topology features (CONUS)

Capture Field-specific notes

  1. Customize calendar events and capture data with a simple drag-and-drop
  2. Attach photographs and capture geolocations
  3. Notify users of pending information requests
  4. Benefit from highly structured datasets

Add Animal Facilities, track Animal Events on calendar and schedule Animal Work Orders (Beta)

Crop Season Weather

Long term Climate Trends per Field

Customized mobile app using our APIs

Customized mobile app using our APIs

Mobile SDK provides development guidelines for offline-capable field scouting and soil sampling

Custom mobile apps have been deployed in USA and Brazil that serve as branded assets directly connected with the LabCore backend

Scalable architecture that grows with you

Why work with Soil Diagnostics, Inc.?

We use LabCore to grow our own Agribusiness offerings: We have skin in the game!

We have a team of trained LabCore technicians and developers who can provide turnkey support in onboarding your data and making LabCore fit your workflow.

We understand data privacy and agribusiness strategy issues: Our goal is to be a strategic partner, not just a software vendor. We work best as an embedded team, directly working with our Clients.

We work with Clients across the Food, Agriculture and Environment space: We speak the language